This Island becomes first country to resume competitive cricket during lock-down

Many tournaments have been postponed or cancelled altogether due to the COVID-19. Even rain last night could not stop 'Vanuatu' from conducting a 'live cricket match' amid the novel coronavirus epidemic.

On Saturday, The women's domestic cricket league final was played in Vanuatu, an island in the South Pacific, which is located 1,967 km away from Brisbane, Australia. This tropical french speaking island nation is probably the only place in the world where competitive cricket was conducted live at this time.

Vanuatu Cricket Association chief executive Shane Deitz was also invited to watch the match live and more than 3000 people watched the game at different times on Vanuatu Cricket's official Facebook page.
It featured a men's 10-over exhibition match and a women's T20 Super League final match in which the Mele Bulls crowned as the champions, they defeated Powerhouse Sharks by 7 wickets on April 25. Earlier, due to rain, the semi-final match between Taifa Blackbirds and Powerhouse Sharks could not be played.

Shane Deitz told the Associated Press, that this is the only sports tournament currently going on worldwide. We can show a little bit of cricket to all those who are in lockdown.
For this match, the officials put up four cameras and commentary was also done. The game was also halted for a couple of minutes as the children entered the grounds and there were not many security personnel present in the ground.

The lockdown took place at the end of last month as a precaution during the Coronavirus epidemic in Vanuatu and then there was a terrible storm on April 6.

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