When Australia lost the test match due to spectators, Historical match to remember

West Indies-vs-Australia-5th-test-1978-jamaica
There have been many strange incidents in the history of cricket. On many occasions, the players managed to take their team away for the defeat, many times the weather has saved them but in cricket history, there was a match in which the spectators present in the stadium postponed the team's defeat.

This incident took place on 3 May 1978, when Australia and West Indies were up against each other in Kingston, Jamaica. In this, match the visiting team Australian was very close to victory but the West Indies team survived the defeat due to spectators.

In the 5th and final Test match of the series, which started on 28 April 1978. Batting first, Australia scored 343 runs, Peter Toohey scored a brilliant knock of 122 runs, in response the home team just scored 280 runs with help of Larry Gomes's 115 innings
West Indies-vs-Australia-5th-test-1978-jamaica
During that time there was also a rest day in the Test match which was on 1 May. The Australian team scored 305 for 3 in the second innings and declared the innings and gave the West Indies team a target of 369 runs.

The Windies team did not perform well again in the second innings and lost 8 wickets for 258 runs on the last session of the fourth day. West Indies captain Kalicharan scored 126 runs in the second innings but no other player supported him.

Australia's team was very close to victory but then something happened because of which Australia could not win. When Australia took their ninth wicket in the form of a Vanburn Holder, then the audience started throwing things on the ground.
West Indies-vs-Australia-5th-test-1978-jamaica
In fact, Vanburn Holder was caught behind by Jim Hinges and the umpire gave him out, which was a correct decision. But, the audience thought the umpire has made a wrong decision and started throwing bottles, chairs and stones on the ground.
West Indies-vs-Australia-5th-test-1978-jamaica
The match would have easily ended on the next day, but on the fourth day, an umpire, Raf Gosain, refused to stand on the ground due to spectators, after which the match had to be ended on a draw. However, the West Indies team won the test series by 3-1.

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